Visit The Hollywood Heritage Museum For The Real Hollywood History

visit this and compare it with yours may be it can
show the difference

CBS Los Angeles

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By Deb Flomberg

There are certainly a lot of museums in southern California, and a great deal of them talk about Hollywood history, with a focus on movies and television shows of the past. Some are wax museums, others are filled with memorabilia from the Golden Age of Hollywood. However, there is really just one museum that is dedicated to the era of silent films and the earliest history of movie-making. The Hollywood Heritage Museum is the best place to learn about the beginnings of film. With great memorabilia and different things to see, it is a perfect place for any true movie-buff. 

You’ll find the Hollywood Heritage nestled off North Highland Avenue in Los Angeles, and it is a simple and very unassuming little museum. Once you step inside the cozy barn you’ll find that this location is truly a historic gem. This barn is also known…

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