Surviving Ramadan: Day 5


A Life Abroad

So I bet you didn’t know that Ramadan was taking place this summer in July did you? It’s okay- I had no clue either until about two weeks ago when the family mentioned it to me in passing.

“During Ramadan when we wake up at 4 am…”

I was like- family say WHAT?! I’m supposed to wake up before when, so I can NOT EAT FOR THE WHOLE DAY?!

Luckily the family is super understanding, and have stocked the kitchen by my bed with food so I can eat anytime of day I want. They’re actually actively pushing me not to celebrate (again, I think this goes back to hospitality and making your guests comfortable).

One of the first days I decided I would try the whole thing, just to see what it was like. I got up at 4 am, ate a HUGE breakfast and then waited for the…

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