Cerita Ramadan: It’s a Miracle and Only For Those Who Have Faith!



I got a lot of questions from my non-muslim friends about Islam and fasting. One of them asked why do I have to fast in Ramadan? Why can’t I eat and drink?

Well, of course I couldn’t satisfy everyone’s questions especially when we don’t see it from the same perspective, I don’t expect that either. Fasting only for those who have faith in Allah and Islam. We’re cleaning our selves physically and mentally while fasting, not easy to explain it to tell the truth. I never ask myself because I grew up with that faith and I do believe what I’ve been told and learned about the reason behind fasting in Ramadan. For you my friends who never do this, it might sounds silly and stupid. One of my friends literally said that to me. He said that I’m killing myself by not drinking. Really? Hey, I’m alive! And I’ve…

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